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Love begins in a moment, grows over time, and lasts for eternity.

Marihess Photography offers you a range of all-inclusive wedding photography packages to fit around your plans and budget.  

These options are available, but whichever one you choose, you are assured of stunning images that capture the excitement and tenderness of your wedding.

There are no hidden extras in us delivering you a superior personal service and a lifetime of memories of your special day.

Why delay? If you are in love and are planning to marry, then we can offer a very special deal on your wedding photography.  Let Marihess Photography record your special day for you. 

Whatever the weather has planned, your love and our passion will make the best of the short day length and your chosen location, to give you a permanent record of your big day.

Bookings are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.  Coverage of your wedding by Marihess is secured by the payment of a 25% deposit. The remaining balance is payable in full before the wedding day

Marihess Photography does Food Photography in the studio or on location. Marihess also does Cookery books photography, web sites, Menus, Posters ext. For Marihess, food photography is a passion. 

While we love to shoot food, we’re equally passionate about photographing jewelry, property; in fact just about any kind of advertising image is passion. Marihess Photography’s motivation is simply to create breathtaking images for our clients. What better occupation could there be?


Marihess Photography is highly experienced at capturing the atmosphere of any event. Marihess Photography supply photography services for live events (music and theatre), corporate, charity and social events, throughout the whole South Africa whether it is PR Photography you require... to golf days….Marihess Photography also covers, dinner parties, charity balls, ladies festivals ext.

Family,children and model photography by Marihess – a newperspective on your world. This includes on location as well as studio shoots
Photography by Marihess will change the way you look at photography forever. Based in Pretoria but covering the whole country, Marihess creates captivating images of you and your loved ones. This is photography at its best – relaxed, natural, and capturing everything that’s special about you. .Marihess will photograph you, giving each picture an emotional importance that you won’t find elsewhere. This isn’t about posing for photographs. It’s about exploring the places you love, with the people you love.
Marihess photography gives you freedom, and her photography is natural, with a flexibility and versatility that puts you at ease and turns every shoot into a unique experience. The innocence and discovery of childhood shows through in a youngster’s expression of wonder. A teenager’s thoughtful gaze says so much. And there’s nothing more beautiful than a family just enjoying being together. The years go by in a blink, but with Marihess photography
Special times are yours forever

With the course and adventure side of Marihess photography we leave the studio very far behind in search for the best photos ever, that you can show off to your friends back home.

Marihess Photography is based in South Africa but is willing to travel anywhere to shoot anything and to capture the memories of any adventure worldwide.

Marihess Photography offers superior quality photography services for the South African music industry. From live Performances to band advertising images as well as photos for DVD and cd covers.

Marihess Photographed many South African Artist and bands at live gigs and events, including festivals and concerts.

 Marihess Photography aims to capture emotion and skill of the musicians, by creating unique images

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